Aaron Jay aka Randyotter’s Enthusiastic T-shirts

Aaron Jay is a graphic designer with a 2.1 honors degree in illustration, currently residing in Southampton. Illustration for Aaron is more than his profession; it is something he enjoys doing, a passion he follows wholeheartedly. He says that in each of his designs he tries to portray the enthusiasm and enjoyment he feels for it. He has some real determination of making it big someday in the industry and creating a distinguishable image of all his creations. Well a look at his designs and you can know that he’s so much into crossbow training and robot-building in school, horny wild animals, cage fights between tattooed pandas, beavers and alike.


A happy slice of life is a cute graphic on this t-shirt at first glance but if you think about it, well you k now there is more to it. The watermelon might be happy to cut off a slice of its own and show it off proudly but you don’t have to do that. It portrays how a slice of life however sweet and nice it might be has still to go away and we learn to live happy anyhow.


Stego-soar is a cute tee with a dinosaur with kids and kites. He is of course a member of the friendly species which we saw at the end of Jurassic Park. This graphic portrays the designer’s love for science, especially biology. He says he finds animals to be real cute and that’s how he portrays animals in his designs.


Mr. Cloud’s new scarf is an exciting tee in blue with cloud personified. It is shown wearing a scarf of the multi-colored rainbow. Minute creations inside the cloud is showing cloud to be all smiley and happy.


The fish van is an awesome tee portraying a cute cat chasing a van that most probably is carrying fishes. The array of buildings amidst which the cut paves its way might be tall but cannot shelter the enthusiasm of the brave cat running after the fish van.

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