Animals With Some Evolution

We all love animals, don’t we? Well at least I am sure majority of us do. We have an image created in our minds for all animals. We do associate them with something intangible; lion means majestic, wolf would personify wildness, cat is cute and dogs are a companion. For some of us the personification would be different, of course. Unless you are an absolute animal hater, you are going to have a pair or two of animal tees in your wardrobe. They let your feel energetic or serene, whatever you associate the animal with. However, some really awesome designers have the guts to evolve these animals out of their imagination. Take a look at these to know what I exactly mean:



The menacing and sinister wolf is evolved in this tee into some romantic lover who is carrying a red rose for his beloved. Not an ordinary person could think of creating something as this. Amidst the gloomy grey of the mysterious wolf, there is some red – the color of love. This wolf seems to be all set to propose his lady on this Valentine’s Day, are you?



Could you think of a cat in such a serious geek avatar? This funny cat tee is perfect or actually purrfect for any outfit. With such a funny cat tee on you should be smiling all day long. Get this cool cat tee and show the world you have a sense of humor. This tee is printed using state of the art digital printing and its high quality will be an envy of all your cool friends.



This black bear is all set to be a famous hip-hopper soon. This retro Black Bear is here and he’s about to bust out some moves. Throw down your linoleum and grab your ghetto blaster, time to rock this awesome throw back tee. Cool bear, cool art and an utterly cool tee. Get your cool on with the funky black bear and evolve your boring spirit along with this bear.



For all you leader and leos out there, here is something to suit your proud majestic image. This amazingly stunning and regal tee is for all those who refuse to be led. If you also wear some invisible crown all day on your head and feel powerful yet gentle just like this lion king, then this tee is just the thing for you.

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