Arka has Complex Tees With Simple Thoughts

ARKA is a collective of complex-minded individuals with one simple goal… to create art you can wear. The definition of ARKA is to be “King of All Kings”. They embrace this mindset by refusing to follow trends and by creating designs with purpose. Concepts of individuality and creativity are prized above all else. Inspired by pop culture, social movements, science, nature and whatever else we choose, there are no limits to where imaginations take you. The result is a thought provoking design that is as unique as the person wearing it. Here are few of their tees that we picked out for you

This maestro of the universe tee is not just for those who are literal star-watchers, spending sleepless night studying them from discoveries that have been made and all set to create new discoveries, but also for those who sleep peacefully and dream about everywhere beyond reach. They are also maestros for those that dare to dream are the ones who can someday turn them to reality.

Here is a tee with an unusual concept that makes it exclusive and worth getting into. Where do sharks and the sky meet? There is no way they are related but you can take it this way: universe within the jaws of a shark means the threat our planet is constantly getting under. Global warming and other natural hazards are taking our planet slowing under the sharp jaws. Time to think!

This is a funny tee where the statue of liberty is truly free to rock. She no more wants to stand there still and watch the world click abstract pictures of her. She is now all set to give you some live shots. Are you ready to see the statute truly liberated?

Your cuddly bubbly teddies might not be that sweet always. Stop taking out your frustrations on them when you are pissed off or someday when they lose their temper you might be under their knives too. Funny concept but well portrayed!

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