Blood Is The New Black

Blood Is The New Black was created in 2004 as an alternative business model to traditional fashion lines. All they seek is to propel the careers of emerging artists and support the underground community; all while creating wearable, stylish clothes with a point of view. Founder and curator Mitra Khayyam works with every artist to open up their unique vision to fans of both fashion and the arts who might not otherwise be exposed to their work. They completely believe in allowing artists total creative freedom to design their tees however they want, right down to the tag that bears their name.

A portion of the sale of each shirt is directed right back to the artist who designed it. They keep exploring various printing and dyeing techniques in order to fully accommodate the range of styles and mediums that the artists engage in.

From illustrators and photographers, to sculptors and writers, the distinctive works featured on the company’s soft, well-fitted tees cover the range of design trends and are sold in stores all over the globe. BITNB products are proudly made in the USA. Every part of their production and distribution celebrates one person, and that’s the artist.




Cocktail paradise boyfriend tee is designed by Kris Tate. The graphic shows summertime cocktail party with vibrate colors that spell excitement and mirth in spectra green.




Serpent moon is men’s crewneck tee in vintage black. I sense some dark magic here. You might need your smudge stick with this one. If you feel the same why not give this tee a try and see if the magic works for you. This tee is designed by Heather Gabel.



Nocturnally yours boyfriend tee seems to be a popular one in the website. It is also designed by Heather Gabel. This vintage black tee is for the women of confidence and free spirit



Get all the way down on the bikini line with this Johnny Corn Dawg x Blood is the New Black truckstop tee. A very cool tee for bikers and party freaks.

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