Buy Virgin Tees to Support a Good Cause

Virgin teez is a tee store that supports good causes like natural destructions and education of children in Pakistan. It was started by Moeez Javed Rizvi just two and a half years ago when his college scholarship was cancelled when flood hit different areas of his country since the local NGO providing the grant had to use the fund of the greater destruction. Virgin tees give 43 percent of each sale to the cause of your choice. Their ultimate goal is to help people, fund worthy causes, and offer the magic kick some charities need to keep changing the world and making the world a better dressed place. The team is doing a tremendous job and their tees are selling off faster since the day they began. Their tees are amazing no doubt and the graphics unique conveying the message of peace, love and courage. Take a look:

Be awesome and feel awesome in this amazingly cool t-shirt that also supports a great cause. Be on the lookout for opportunities to give love at every time. A very simple yet elegant design on white is an all time wear; you can use it as casual wear or even office wear on a bright sunny day.

The sketch of an old man conveying the good message of love and respect towards the elerderlies; in the busy cores we might forget to care for them but remember what we are we are because they sacrificed their busy times on us. This tee supports the good cause of elder people in need.

No pain no gain is a tee promoting art in Pakistan. The contrast of purple against black is elegant indeed and the designing no doubt deserves kudos.

The revolution hand Tee is collaboration with their friends at Next Generation Pakistan. 43% of your purchase goes directly to them. The inspiring tee with a hand full of hope and strength says, “Let’s change tomorrow, let’s begin today”.

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