Carry Your Devices With Elan

Fashion meets usefulness. This might have been the mantra, when the designers introduced ‘pocket’ in the humble white t-shirt, which begin as an undergarment for the US navy.

But a question arises, ‘What was the need for introducing a pocket in a t-shirt, despite having those in trousers?’ The reasons might have been numerous. Apart from breaking the monotony of a single-coloured t-shirt, the pocket added a certain level of playfulness.

The usefulness doesn’t end only in carrying pen or money but in the tech-savvy world, there are hundred many gadgets and gizmos that an individual needs to carry. Simultaneously, trend is another factor for today’s youngsters, which they can wear on their sleeves (not just heart).

But a Japanese t-shirt company has broken all the trends and have manufactured such shirts in which the youth can wear their gadgets, on chest literally, looking trendy side by side.
Though pocket t-shirts are nothing new which can very well be used for carrying mobile phones or iPods but carrying them in see-through pocket and that too with a style statement is certainly latest in the apparel industry.

Japanese company inink has moved a step ahead and tried to add certain playfulness to the same old boring pockets by making it transparent with interesting graphics like shown below.


Don’t get confused by looking at the picture. It is actually a see-through pocket right in the middle of this white t-shirt with a black graphic depicting a hand holding the pocket. When you put your mobile phone inside, it would seem as if a sketched hand is holding your phone. Isn’t it interesting?

Not just your trendy smartphone or latest iPod, you can use the pocket to carry simply anything that matches its size and off course that you can carry on your chest with élan, even a pack of cigarettes. Spotted on style blog Spoon & Tomago, these shirts feature simple prints and a clever see-through plastic pocket that can hold your phone, audio player, or really anything small and square.

The printing is done in such a clever way that along with the device in the transparent pocket, it combines to look as if your t-shirt sketch is holding your iPod, or that your phone is clipped into your clothes.

The original t-shirt would be like this:


The inink store website is only in Japanese for now, but an international store is coming soon.
inink is a small company based out of Kanagawa, Japan and might be one of its kind that has come up with the “pocket series” with a translucent, sealable pocket that holds an iPod, a handkerchief, a notebook or any other small object.

Three years ago the company was founded under the concept of creating “playful” t-shirts that you can wear, touch and have fun with. ‘Pocket series’ is only the latest addition to the series of playful t-shirts, preceded by a liquid series and a reflection series.

It’s more than just a novelty, because this shirt by inink can actually come in handy, especially if you listen to music a lot. It’s really tough trying to sprung iPod or iPhone wires from the trouser pocket if you do not have armbands that let you run, jog, or do whatever it is you need to do with both hands. In these scenarios, this shirt is a fun alternative. But you have to make sure that you’re in a safe neighborhood before parading around with your expensive devices, highly visible on your chest.

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