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Not all girls want to wear pink, sparkles, ruffles and bows. At least not always! And some girls like things besides hearts, flowers, butterflies, and princesses. Hence, a new brand, ‘Girls Will Be’ by Sharon Burns Choksi, has come up with a line of t-shirts for girls, which are not ‘girly’ because they think girls should have more options to express their individuality!

Girls Will Be…so many different things! Our shirts celebrate that. Colours beyond pink, no girly embellishments, and imagery that breaks gender stereotypes,” is the mantra behind the new line of t-shirts. Breaking the traditional definition of a girl’s attire, Choksi has launched a clothing line designed to empower young girls, especially for those, who are disappointed with almost always having to choose between boxy unisex and boys t-shirts or fitted girls t-shirts with tiny cap sleeves.

The inspirations are Choksi’s 8-years-old daughter Maya, who has always loved to climb trees, play sports, build LEGO creations, pretend to be a superhero, read about sea animals, conduct science experiments, and play with her cars and trucks and 10-year-old niece Grace, though different from her daughter, yet similar in matter of taste for clothes. Both refused to wear pink or dresses, bows, sparkles, hearts, and flowers. And so began her years of massive struggle to find “girl clothes without the girly” through countless stores and websites, overflowing with “girly” clothes, in order to hopefully uncover the one or two tops or bottoms from each brand that fit her daughter’s style. They always end up with Maya asking “Why do boys get all the cool stuff?” and she wondering why clothes have to be so polarizing.

So she convinced her brother and sister to jump on board (in their spare time!) and decided to launch a line of their own.


The style is quite simple. A traditional unisex t-shirt has been given a slimmer fit, ever-so-slight shape to the body, less boxy sleeves with a “just right” length, and lighter weight fabric. The result is an unmistakably girl fit, but still plenty of room to move. A palette of bright colors has been chosen to give girls choices beyond the standard pinks and pastels.

Apart from bold colours, Girls Will Be shirts feature prints of universally beloved symbols like dogs, sharks, planes, baseballs, along with simple, non-gendered phrases like “Be awesome.”

Girls Will Be’ is commitment to make a high quality product. Only the best cotton – 100% combed and ringspun – for an exceptionally soft jersey knit is selected. These are manufactured in USA and built to last. The fabric is pre-washed to minimize shrinkage and tagless neck labels are used to avoid unnecessary discomfort. The t-shirts are printed with fabulous screen printer in Austin, TX to bring the designs to life.

Offered in sizes 4-12, the sizes are true to age- size 8 will fit the average 8 year old. The size chart on their website has detailed measurements to help you pick the right size.

The shirt is just the beginning of the story. ‘Girls Will Be’ is gearing up for all kinds of clothes that follow their style– from shorts and swimsuits to pajamas and underwear.

So, what are you waiting for. Place an order of this ‘not so girly’ t-shirt for your little princess by visiting their website They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You just have to pay $3 for the shipping of first three items and it is free on orders of above $75. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email with all of your order details. If you do not receive this email, you can contact them at

You’ll also find seasonal shopping guides, constantly updated recommendations on their Pinterest boards, profiles of small brands, and much more, keeping in tune with their tagline.



Sharon Burns Choksi

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