Cool And Artistic Tees for Just $6 Each

6dollarshirts have the best artistic tees online. They claim that nowhere on the internet you will find such a large variety of quality printed t-shirts at such a ridiculously low price. While other online t-shirt businesses charge three times the price, and deliver one-third the quality, 6DollarShirts crushes them out of existence and makes them get real jobs. They have a combined 30 years of printing experience, a state of the art order processing and shipping facility, and a customer service team that actually services customers. Their artists and illustrators tirelessly design t-shirts they think you’ll love. This is their zealous work and they intend to make a difference. T-shirts are our passion. They wear t-shirts, sleep on beds of t-shirts, use t-shirts to cleanup spills, towel off with t-shirts, hang t-shirts on walls, use t-shirts as car seat covers and most importantly, print high-quality, silk-screened t-shirts and ship them to you daily for only $6!

Unfortunately, by selling the tees for only $6, they don’t make much money per shirt. This is why they’re tempting you to buy more with the 10 shirts for $50 promotion; think new wardrobe, courting friends and lovers, and clothing the less fortunate. All of their shirts are designed, printed, and shipped in the lovely city of Gainesville, Florida, USA.

It was a love neither one of them could deny, and a city that didn’t stand a chance. The pair is heading to a place that will let them live together in peace or so to say destruction.

The suspect is armed and has been known to raise blood pressure. For all you food lovers, get inspired to use lesser spicy food since the deadliest weapon, salt, can raise your blood pressure.

Remember what the dormouse said, “Feed your head.” This graphic is the coolest one to describe the story so well.

Amazing and painless, unless you’ve done something wrong! Head to this dentist next time you got an aching tooth.

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