Dead Bury Dead or Alive Too

Dead Bury Dead is a lifestyle brand for the living. It is for barflies and wallflowers and outlaws and astronauts and hustlers and lumberjacks and poets and barbarians and sleepwalkers. And for people without labels and without limits!

Do what you do, and do so in style and comfort. Dead Bury Dead is clothing for the soul. It’s a stark reminder every day that life is a gift. And as moments pass, they are dead and buried. Have the best day of your life today.

Every story has to start somewhere. His passion for designing shirts started since college and continues since. So with no money or special skills, he started a clothing brand. “And it wasn’t easy”. DeadburyDead started slow and after a few months, by investing in better inks and fabrics they started to earn a reputation for homegrown quality. Five years later, the brand is selling around the world. From a single design, we now have a full line of T-shirts in two featured collections – Signature and Classic.

Now DeadburyDead stocks boutiques in the United States, England, and Japan. “And we continue to stay true to the independent brand lifestyle”.

A tee to boost some courage to fight your fears! The best way to fight your fear is to believe that it isn’t real. You might as well start thinking that you are hallucinating lest there is a tiger behind and you seriously need to run.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt! That was some ideal time you spent with someone special when you were on cloud nine and now the time passed away when that person left. Move on girl life awaits you!

Look in the eyes of death and tell him you are not leaving this world yet and that he is not welcome anytime sooner. Next time he will visit you with a pre-notice.

Get lost in the wilderness of youth after all that is the time when you are truly free; free of all worries of the world. Party, booze and have multiple flings, you are free to be wild till you are young.

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