DeFunker T-Shirts: What de funker?

Defunker surfaced back in March ’05, where else but in NYC. In a similar vein to the all-hailed Threadless crew, the Defunker dudes thought it would be good idea to help out all those unnoticed and under-rated t-shirt designers out there. The result; an online tee store with a very cool bunch of designs available at extremely reasonable prices. Here’s a couple of pretty piccies to whet your appetite…

Defunker: Really good clothing.
Defunker buys directly from the t-shirt artists, who most often screenprint the tees themselves. Because of this, Defunker’s pricing varies from one shirt to the next, due to the individual costs and preferences of each designer during the production process. Needless to say, you really some bang for your buck when you purchase a Defunker tshirt, as they only source the most original and unique designs.

T-Shirt Designers – take note!!!
If you design t-shirts, Defunker wants you! Mail them a sample of your handiwork, I am told they will definitely consider it for their site. Not a bad way to make a bit of extra pocket money…

Defunker: Get t-shirts no one else has!

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