Dios Chicos Have Funny Tees Concealed Under Simplicity

Dos Chicos Tees was created by Joe Pino, an enterprising young man in Denver, CO who, after roving the globe and scouring the inter webs for funny and inventive t-shirts, came up empty handed. Believing to be funny and quite inventive himself (a claim constantly disputed) he rolled up his sleeves and went to work on the best t-shirts in the industry. Shortly after rolling up his sleeves and getting to work he realized he could not draw a stick figure much less crank out t-shirt designs, so he put out a call for all to hear that he was in search of an art director that would work for free. No one answered the call. But then he offered to pay in the occasional t-shirt. One man answered the call. Joe Pino had his phone number. The man in question is Bryan Vega. Working out of an undisclosed location in Austin, TX, Bryan brings Joe’s wonderfully witty comedy to life. That is, when he’s not drinking by the pool, watching TV, taking naps, at the dog park, surfing the Internet, at the movies, etc. But all his other time is dedicated to creating the best visuals an under qualified, under skilled artist can possibly create. By their powers combined, Joe and Bryan make up the driving force behind the juggernaut that is Dos Chicos Tees. They are the tees that please!

When a couple of pine trees get together watch out! So here are these pine trees in a gossip about the deciduous tree that stands aloof, quite like bitching actually!

What’s that show that is always after COPS? You perhaps heard or it or you haven’t, there are still chances you be the most tweeted news of America.

Douche bag is the new stupid. Yeah, it’s the new word you can give a try to when you begin getting that feeling that you are too grown up to use words like stupid.

If I hang up on you, it’s because my phone is about to die. Yeah, the newest and best excuse you can builds up in the shortest duration of time

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