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Don’t Be a Walking Billboard For The Brand

Don’t Be a Walking Billboard For The Brand

At concretecoast, they say don’t be a walking bill for the brand, instead carry your unique personality with you. They believe in putting design and quality above all; above company’s logo actually. Their designs are printed with environment friendly water-based inks. Not only are they far better for the environment than traditional inks, they also mesh with the shirt’s fabrics so that they have no feel at all. This will ensure that your skin can still breathe under the design. Their designs have raw edges and carry a unique cool look along with every different tee. Take a look!


Space white tee in pink designs is an awesome looker and capturing tee and edgy enough to portray that girly look even if you are a sophisticated woman at work. Men’s version of this tee is also available in blue designs. Space looking graphics on the front that would make George Lucas proud!


The Sunbird shirt is all about bright, sunny, and serene days. Through the use of negative space it reveals birds flying off towards the sun, with a Concrete Coast logo in the sun. Simple but edgy this tee is simply perfect to be carried at any occasion. Have a bright day out with this bright t-shirt on.


This grid designed tee is colorful and edgy. Different shades of green and white are used in the grids giving it a bright and positive look. For those of you who would rather go for something classy than funny, these t-shirts are just the thing.


This signature stripe tee will look great on anyone with three stripes on the front panel that start on the edge and angle up towards the right shoulder. So simple is the graphic used in this tee yet the entire look is so edgy.

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