Equate London is the New Streetswear Brand

Equate London officially launched its clothing line on the 8th August 2013, with the aim of becoming the UK’s ultimate new luxury streetwear brand. By focusing on producing the best items, best materials and stylish products made to fit; they are really pushing the boundaries and looking to create something truly fresh. Sitting perfectly in the niche gap between streetwear and high-end fashion; they aim to offer seriously premium products at a price you can live with.

To differentiate from the crowd, real focus has been put into detail and most importantly the quality of the raw materials used. Whether it is their premium leather jackets, suede items, or smooth brushed cotton tees and crewnecks, the standard never drops.

Brand owner Nick Mendes has this to say about the brand; “Equate is for people who want to stand out from the crowd, we are dedicated to remaining exclusive, stylish and above all want to create items that work as an overall look, not to just throw out lots of products that do not connect with each other. Our tagline ‘Born Equal’ encapsulates this message, that everyone has the same opportunity and the chance to be cool if you follow our style and culture. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, that’s all irrelevant, what you do in life is everything.

Or in our case, if you choose to follow our movement we are always happy to have you”. Nick goes on to state; “Cliché or not, we want more than what’s popping up out there from independent brands, more than to just make items that are unimaginative or in some way a play on what is already around. Our emphasis is not about getting one aspect right and then running with it. It’s about aiming for perfection on everything. The branding, the materials, the fit, the level of service………all of it”.

Representing an ever growing movement of people that are tired of mediocrity, they have and will continue to develop the most exclusive line of luxury streetwear on the market. Become part of the culture and be astounded by the sheer quality and style of what they produce.

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