Fatal Tees for Party Woman

Fatal brings you some really exciting tees for both men and woman. With their special tattoo woman collection, they have created a trend that will be long followed. Tattoo woman collection is mostly featured on men tees but some are on female tee also. We found them really exciting and vivacious. The rest of the fatal tees for women are simple yet adorable enough to be carried out with confidence. They are not fatal to those wearing them but surely lethal for those staring at you while you flaunt them with ease, comfort and confidence. Party in them and be noticed as you move and groove to the confidence in you.


This fatal tee has artwork of tattooed women with “Party Now/Party Later” banners screened on front. The graphic is such a hit especially if you are wearing it for a party time that could be anytime. Just being ready to hit the dance floor whenever asked for is what this tee is all about. On the back of the tee lies the logo of fatal printed in a fatal way at the bottom.


Fatal American woman tee has distress print American flag down front with fatal script screened on front. Quite a stylish way of wearing the flag and a creative one too with no offence to anyone! This black tee is stylish and adorable for all you party loving girls who want to look cool and cute and not too cheesy.


This tank by fatal features artwork of tattooed woman screened on front and fatal text logo screened on back above bottom hem. Trendy and nerd look can actually go together with something like this tee. Amazing graphic with a confident look for summer beach parties! Are you ready to bash?


This lethal tee features artwork of woman seated on a bomb screened on chest. Fatal text screened on back above bottom hem. Truly fatal is the graphic on this tee and so is the message conveyed. Woman can be really deadly so better not underestimate.

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