Five great TV moments and the corresponding T-Shirts

Our TV T-Shirts have proven to be among the best selling and most wanted items, apart from bachelor T-shirts (see our end-of-year list). Often fan T-shirts feature memorable quotes which only insiders understand. There may not be many but always some people who don’t know why a slogan is worth being worn on a shirt. As a service I provide some video snippets to be able to help you understand what these funny words are about. But think about it: to really understand why something like legen… dary is so hilarious you maybe have to watch at least an entire episode. Or more. Either you still don’t really get it or you seriously get hooked. Because this stuff can be seriously addictive.

1. The Big Bang Theory – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

This is how geeks play Rock Paper Scissors:


… and they end both choosing Spock. Funny coincidence, huh?

2. How I Met Your Mother – It’s gonna be legen …. wait for it … dary!


Though Ted is supposed to be the protagonist, of course the main star of the continuing and not yet revealed story of “Who’s your mommy” is the uncomparable Barney Stinson. Here’s an overview of his legenDARY scenes and quotes that made it to T-Shirts. Including “Suit Up!“, “When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.” and of course the one mentioned above.

3. 30 Rock – Me Want Food


Another huge TV hit, not so popular here in Germany but at least the internet population already has tasted blood. The catchline of character Jenny “Me want fooood!” sums up the troubles of weight gain – and even more weight loss – in three words. Anyone who ever had to restrict him- or herself  at eating will know what I’m talking about here. In fact you don’t even have to know this is a 30 Rock T-Shirt to relate to it…

4. LOST – Not Penny’s Boat


As you can see in our aforementioned T-shirt Hitlist of 2009, LOST is a huge topic for us. The mystery series plays with codes, signs, hints, numbers and hidden meanings like a kid in Legoland. After five increasingly addictive seasons expectations are high for the sixth one which promises to make Lost junkies even more annoying for outsiders than they already are. Thus we best provide some real good Lost fan T-Shirts for those. I picked one that is only understandable if you saw this heartbreaking scene which is sure one of the highlights in the entire series – the death of Charlie Pace and his last message: “Not Penny’s Boat“.

5. House MD – It’s Not Lupus


Wkipedia states that Lupus has a prevalence of about 53 per 100,000, translating to about 159,000 out of 300 million people in the US being affected. However, diagnosis genius and T-shirt hero Dr. House has rarely met a case in 5 seasons though he was presented almost every rare disease there is. But it has become sort of a running Gag: since Lupus has so many faces, it is quite often on the list of suspected diagnoses of Dr Gregory House and his team. Here’s a collection of (not) Lupus moments.

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