Frenzy Tees by Mr. Nicole

Mr. Nicole is a prominent artist featured at designbyhumans. What I like about his tees was their frenzy nature; all of them depicting anger in some way or the other. All you boys and girls in fury, this is your kind of artist. Born on November 14, 1987, Nicole lives in The Philippines and works as a freelance Graphic Illustrator. He is an Art Director + Lead Designer + CEO of NICK AUTOMATIC. Did I mention he is a traveler and a musician as well? Take a look at this multitalented designer’s t-shirts:

Zombie Frenzy is the ultimate zombie tee. This is a HUGE print stretching right across the tee. Zombie spits blood and you will too if you miss out on this awesome graphic tee. Amazing line work and cool colors this zombie T-shirt will scare the eep out of all that see it. The apocalypse is here, enjoy!

Sasquatch is finally found, lurking on your T-shirt! Bright, bold, neon and awesome! Bask in its glory, scare small children and be the envy of all your friends. This Roaring awesome tee will sell out fast. The neon squatch is here, grab it now!

There’s no question this T rex shirt comes with a bite. Dino Frenzy takes the tough T Rex and puts him in the retro neon fashion. The neon pink rex jumps out of the shirt ready to scream to the fashionably loud human world. Some say fresh, some say pop, the rex says raaaawwwrrr!!

Snakes on a Tee! Even Samuel L Jackson couldn’t handle this epic tee. Viper Frenzy is an amazing detailed illustration and it joins the ranks of the other frenzy masterpieces. Raising from the depths this viper tee has line art and bold flashes of color. Unique placement makes this a must have Mr. Nicole tee.

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