Fun With T-shirts Different Ways to Wear Your T-shirt

Wearing the same old t-shirt in the same old fashion with a trouser or skirt at times becomes way, too tedious and monotonous. So to break the monotony, I’m going to tell about some new looks with the same old tried and tested t-shirt.

Look 1

T-shirt as dress



You can wear the long or XL tees like a dress without a lower, actually. All you have to do is wear your trendy long t-shirt as a dress. Just add a belt, wear it low waist or under bust and you are ready to flaunt the new look with the regular t-shirt.

You can also modify your regular t-shirt by giving it different shapes and cuts or adding frills in it. Like chop of one of the sleeves and wear it as one-shoulder dress. You can also wear it as tube by cutting off the tee neck and sleeves. And don’t forget to match it with appropriate accessories for a stunning look. Wear it with a long neckpiece and accentuate your look.



You can altogether transform the t-shirt into a dress by adding some designer frills or patterns. However, for that you have to choose the extra fabric, which you would be using to add a frill or skirt to the boring ugly t-shirt, carefully, before transforming it into a beautiful summer dress. If you are comfortable with sewing and needles, do it yourself or otherwise take help of a professional.

All you need: t-shirt, skirt fabric (design and material of your choice), sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors and pins.


Cut two pieces of 40×120 cm from the skirt fabric and sew them together. Hem on one side and ruffle on the other. To ruffle, use a piece of cotton thread, the same length as the circumference of your tee-shirt waistline, all the way round or t-shirt width x 2. This way, you’re making your ruffled skirt the same size as your tee. All you have to do after that is sew the skirt onto the tee (right sides together). Trim the t-shirt from waist and attach the skirt ruffle with the t-shirt by sewing it. And you cool summer dress is ready. You can wear it with a belt and matching accessories to look trendier.

Look 2
T-shirt as skirt

Though this is an unconventional way of wearing the t-shirt but you can give it a try to set a different style statement. For this you need a ribbed neck long sleeve t-shirt, which you can wear around your waist and tie the sleeves as bow in front or at the sides.

The versatility of the shirt-skirt goes beyond its ability to transform from a top to a bottom; you can use any of your shirts—whether checked, floral, or printed—and wear it out as a unique patterned skirt.

Moreover, you can cut the neck and sleeves of your t-shirt and stitch it completely transforming it into a skirt permanently. So you can reform your old worn out t-shirt and give it a new look.

You can choose your style and design—a casual asymmetrical, a simple a-line or a more professional-looking flaunting at your office—by using one or more old t-shirts of different colours. So you can relive the rock age or your college nostalgia, wearing it a bit differently.

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