Funny New Year 2013 t-shirts

New Year resolutions are something we make every year and no sooner than the day is over, we forget all about it. Here we found some exceptionally funny tees which are too good to be forgotten. I am sure all of you would rather enjoy considering these resolutions for the upcoming year than those big ones like – I will give up drinking this year. Take a look at what we found at for this year’s funny resolutions.



Well ego is something that keeps us from doing what we should have rather done long back. This tee says you must go on a long ego trip and grab some attention instead. All may not like it but you will surely enjoy doing that. These are available in long sleeve pullovers and hoodies as well so no worrying about the weather.


Save detergents and use deodorants is the slogan of this New Year resolution tee. Why waste time doing laundry when you can rather do with deodorant spray to smell fresh. Yeah that would be a no-hygiene guy if you practice in real but on this tee it looks awesome and funny.



This one is silly enough but is fun to try instead of some big resolution made for just one day. This tee will last you longer than those big resolutions at least. Instead of getting fun with the main course and skipping dessert, lay your hands on dessert first and savor your sweet tooth.


Ok so you know you cannot make those big resolutions like – I will give up drinking this year, so here is something you can do. Practice falling down less even when you have drunk like fish. These t-shirts are just a  perfect choice for this day.

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