Funny T-shirts

There are people who like to wear style up their sleeves or statements. Again, there are few who like to wear humour and laughter. What can be better than a t-shirt to show your funny side up?


Moreover, the good news is that you do not need to go market hopping, racing different brands and shops to search for those perfect t-shirts that can display the funny face of your character. There are several websites, which you can visit, go through thousands of collections, choose the best of these that suits your personality and show out your funny side.

One such site is You can get thousands of new, crazy and really funny collections of t-shirts here like the zombie or movie tee. You can choose from 12 different colours, at least 10 styles and a wide range of sizes for men, women and kids. You can even customise the design to the front or back of the shirt. You would get 100 percent cotton, heavy duty, pre-shrunk shirts of good fit. Moreover, you get these tees at half a price than the other stores with their ‘Buy 3 Get 3’ offer.

Let me give you few examples of the cool, hilarious, humourous and offensive t-shirts with the punch lines like: ‘I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT SOME ONE OUT THERE CARES. I DON’T BUT SOME ONE DOES’ or ‘I’M NOT LAZY. I JUST REALLY ENJOY DOING NOTHING.’

The categories from which you can choose your favourite tee are:

1) Funny: Off course, their tees are funny which covers all types of humour from politics to zombie to movies.

2) TV/Movies: Wear your favourite shows or movies wherever you go, off course with the best quotes and characters.

3) Women: Here you would not only find messages of promiscuity and sexual awareness but ‘promiscuity, sexual awareness and pregnancies’ with bold and really hot statements.

4) Offensive: You could really play dirty with the offensive t-shirt sections like “mean people suck and nice people swallow’. You can laugh out loud with hilarious quotes like “love being a prick” and “smart ass than a dumb shit”. It also got racial jokes like “immigrants are like sperms, millions get in but only one work” or “I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally.”

5) Political: “You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out” is all we need. But “We are born free and taxed to death”. Also “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large group” or “Don’t forget to pay your taxes, 12 million illegal aliens are depended on you.” So you can get a number of ‘voices’ like this.

6) Holiday: Holiday means free from all shackles of rules and routines of everyday life and what could be a better option than your t-shirt to speak out your mood aloud.

Keeping this in mind, ‘roadkilltshirts’ has come up with a series of graphic tees to celebrate the spirit of holiday. You would get one for every occasion, Christmas or Halloween.

And there are lots more for kids, you can make your own individual t-shirt as per your personality from a wide range of colour, styles and cuts and for special occasions like a party or a function. The best part is that it starts from $14.99.

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