Funny Tees that Claim to be Incomparable in Wits

At, they believe in having an earth bursting with cool T-shirts at cheap prices. They have a world hub of awesome and super cool tees. They claim that their tees are hilarious and stylish as well. LOLShirts has T-shirts for every happening in life… from an uncomfortable blind date to a party where you want to make a fashion statement and be noticed. They’re even fantastic for wearing to the office on a Friday! Their tees are sarcastic and fantastic at the same time. You will never fail to notice something for every occasion in here. Check some of them here:


Here is a chicken full of motivation as if she is out to protest for a world where she can be free to do whatever she wishes for instance here it is crossing a road. And if a chicken is free crossing roads people would actually wonder what she is go to do out there instead of being in a plate of delicious dish. This funny tee is a winner anywhere.


Here is a rather rude tee but you better call is sarcastic if you are looking for funny off limit tees. It is just saying that with the more people you meet, the more you seem to like your dog. For many reasons a dog is a better companion than humans who pretend to be loyal but turn out to be asssholes when your back is turned. The best ones you will ever meet will be pets rather.


Trophy Husbands are what every woman is looking for and if you are one of them, why not wear it and speak out loud instead of being shy and waiting for cupid to hit somewhere. Yeah, it’s funny but it’s cute at the same time and the creativity lies in seeing them together.

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