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Geek Shirts HQ are proud to announce the launch of their first sale. With their unique geek inspired designs printed on high quality 100% cotton t shirts and there is free stickers with every purchase. All tees have been reduced by 30%, get in quick before the stock sells out. The GSHQ Summer Sale Madness is now on!

There are currently 3 t shirts in the collection

The Illusion T Shirt

The Geek Shirts HQ logo came about from the need of course to create a brand that was easily identifiable as geeky with the stereo typical glasses with the added funky lettering.
The actual tee came about from wanting to include my logo on a t shirt, but wanting to something different with the logo. I finally came up with the idea of turning the glasses on its side and have them attached to a virtual pocket as if it is hanging out of the pocket. This tee is hand screen printed on a white 100% cotton t shirt.

The Redefine A Geek T Shirt

This tee takes the classic slogan from the Geek Shirts HQ blogs and turns it into a bona fide dictionary definition. The definition is hand screen printed in white on a black Anvil Ultra t shirt.
The inspiration for the design was simple, I still think there is a perception of what a geek is, and it can be seen as fairly negative and I want to assist in changing that negative stereotype. Also I keep reading how this nerdy kid or that geek from school is now a multi millionaire, look at Microsoft, Facebook, The huffing ton Post and many others. and I wanted to incorporate that idea in a t shirt. It is also a cool idea for the bullies as school doesn’t last forever and everyone has to grow up.


The Geek Porn T Shirt


This design has its roots in video games and takes an ironic look at video game enthusiasts and their attitude to gaming characters. This design is very eye catching with the strong lettering spelling Geek Porn to having two of the most iconic video game characters
Illusion tee. The design is printed in white on a black 100% cotton Anvil Ultra. T shirt.
All the tees are hand screen printed on Anvil Ultra t shirts which are 100% cotton. The fit is excellent and super soft  next to the skin. The inside neck features a custom Geek Shirts HQ print.
With each t shirt purchase during the sale you will also receive stickers from the Geek Shirts HQ store.
These stickers are vinyl die cut stickers and are considered by many to be of the highest quality.
These high quality stickers are die cut vinyl stickers.
You will find the classic Geek Shirts logo reproduced in high quality on these custom cut stickers. There is also. The Geek Porn design has been reproduced in sticker form and there is a cool interpretation of the redefine a geek sticker.
The GSHQ store also carries a collection of badges known as the Geek Icon Collection. These feature figures from popular culture, history, Literature and the Movies.
There are five figures in the collection
Sherlock Holmes
Albert Einstein
Charlie Chaplin
Stephen Hawking


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