Geek T-shirts That Are Absolutely Fun

Dale Edwin Murray, or DEM as popularly known is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in UK. He is amazingly popular and I am sure you must have come across some of his works somewhere or the other. His T-shirts have featured in many popular sites as Threadless, A Better Tomorrow, shirt.woo! and, more recently in Goodfibres. His designs have also made a brilliant show in Japan’s t-shirt powerhouse, Graniph. A couple of years ago his interest was focused on t-shirt design and he was quite successful but recently he moved on to creating art for organizations such as Wired, Google and Toyota. He also owns his store,


Look at the eighth wonder of the world and I am pretty sure you can never guess it inside a banana peel with an emerged tower or building. Well of course if an architectural structure as this one could be built be real, it sure would be named the eighth wonder of the world. Hats off to your creativity DEM!


A pixel of my childhood is a fun t-shirt featuring all sorts of games and gadgets you enjoyed while you were just a kid. Relive the best time of your life, childhood, with this amazing tee designed by an amazing designer. Stunning colors have been selected for this graphic letting take a glimpse back of the most colorful time of your life.


Goldfish is a simple yet fascinating t-shirt in black featuring a very cute goldfish with the cutest ever expression. I am sure this amazing tee must have been the favorite of many girls in love with everything sweet and simple.


A house full of ninjas is also a very creative tee with simple yet amazing graphic. With tees as this you never have to think twice before just picking it up to add to your cool casual collection of tees.

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