Geeky Tees for Bookworms

If you are looking for an eclectic mix of quirky, intelligent products which we would otherwise call nerdy stuffs you must head to mental_floss store for they have the perfect t-shirts, gifts, games, and books for any knowledge junkie, from history buffs to bookworms to math geeks! Literature, science, geography and all other nerdy geeks can come to this place and party together, eh I mean study together. Take a look at some funny yet geeky tees we spotted at this store:

My Patronus is a Bookworm. This shirt is a self-fulfilling prophesy, really. If you get the joke here your true spirit animal isn’t a ferocious lion, a majestic hawk, a wise old owl or a noble goat (Goats can be noble, right?). If you looked at this shirt and laughed you are, down deep in your very being, a big, juicy, egghead invertebrate that devours tall tomes. And if you don’t get the joke, you should read more.

This is the grammar police. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of grammatical law. Don’t you hate those grammar freaks who think they have some responsibility to correct every spelling mistake or typo as we call it? Yeah even on their grave if you misprint a word, they’d rise from hell and take you along on return.

This tee is for the physics people who get irritated if the person next to them lack any knowledge related to their favorite subject. Who cares what mass, time and acceleration have got to do with each other? And if you care why don’t you just keep them to you instead of pissing off everyone at party with these biggies?

“I live at the edge of a pond, alone, immersed in the rhythm of nature and time. My name is Henry David Thoreau.” Your little ones can look as smart as they are wearing one of these tees featuring some of history’s real-life superheroes.

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