Go Duo Sporty Look with Dual T-shirts

Willing to hit the town with dual colors? Then yes, go for dual colors t-shirts. Here we are talking about a t-shirt with an illusion look of jacket on the above some. This combination of an inner t-shirt with jacket of shirt, even button pattern can hint dual look. Well for boys, they may catch the attractive look by plain color t-shirts inside and a contrast color jacket of a button pattern outside. As far as color combinations are concerned, boys can check out white with sky blue jacket outside or a light green or blue with black jacket outside. The dual combo doesn’t seem to end up here for boys. They can have a small button pattern outside as well which may jewel up with a round neck t-shirt inside. Now, when girls and their styling are concerned, one needs to create a bulk of dual t-shirt themes for them. Girls can tune-up with pattern t-shirts and girly color jackets as well. They can try u pink jackets with printed round neck t-shirts inside. In addition, girls can make their pretty look more elegant with floral prints. So, guys and girls, the wait now gets over for you to team up some great t-shirts and design a custom-made look for you. You can even opt for two sided or equal partitioned two color t-shirts. Even for boys, strips or sleeved dual colored t-shirts can work cool.



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