Gosu Gear Tees For all You Bad Boys

Gosu Gear is a clothing brand that has exactly what the bad boys or actually “the wanna look bad boys” might need to compliment their looks. The original idea behind gosugear, set up in 2009 by Fabian Schwarz and Alex Gutreuter, was looking for means of expression for the affinity for the far eastern way of life and the love for music and modern culture of the two founders. It was quick clear that designing t-shirts should be the best way to mix ‘the asian mind’ with their current lifestyle. So every shirt design should not only be seen as just another stylish product but also as a piece of unique lifestyle for everyone. To get more authenticity to the shirts gosugear decided not to design the shirts only by themselves but also let Asian designers bring their philosophy and skills to the product. A co-operation with designers from all over Asia!


One look at this tee and you know exactly who should be wearing this. The dark evil portrayed in neon hues create the perfect look for all you guys wanting to flaunt the evil side a little more till you get your heads engrossed in the corporate world. Life still has days when you can enjoy to the fullest!


The bloody cool goat got all his funky accessories on and perhaps he is heading backstreets for a fight or a party maybe. What do you image him doing, Hip-hops?


Evil headed Mr. Crowley is in red and black inviting all the fight boys to indulge in something dark and impish. If you want to try your luck, go evil and see what it feels like but of course only by apparels.


The skull was never less scary but to top it up with a creepy snake is awfully evil. But the funky cool duded gonna adore them to extremes. Right guys?

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