If you are happy and you know it, why not show it?


What better than you adopt to reflect your mood than a T-shirt that speaks it all? Muxxi is an aspiring and illuminating graphic designer from Guatemala City whose tees are vivid and colorful enough to speak on behalf of you. Norma de Leon aka Muxxi is still finishing her degree in graphic design but she began working as a web designer and illustrator, with clients such as Nokia.



Making the unreal and imaginative look like real and capturing eyes is the true talent of an artist. This tee is named hallucination and if look into the graphic it has a very cute design that can only be imagined. In grey, pink and black, the hues are just what you need to have a sweet hallucination like this one. It is in a white tee so you have various ways to wear it.



Do you remember imagining shapes of clouds in the sky to be animals, birds and giants? Every child does that but will a grown up dare to admit that he can image the sky full of fantasies and fairies? This tee brings out the artistic thinker in you. There are rain, tears, sun and the elements of sky blended to let you imagine the sky in a different aspect.



This cool tee is named “meanings are boring.” You don’t have to have everything real around you as sometimes an escape into dreams is worth imagining. Whatever according to you this cute multihued graphic means; it is vivid and lively to make your day brighten up. The young designer describes herself as: an illustrator girl, trying to experiment with my art all the time, I love weird things and create surreal characters, patterns, clouds, doodles, murals and all the things that demand art. If these are the things exciting you too, you must check out her collection of T-shirts at society6.com

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