Infinity Life Tees With a Purpose

Founded by two high school buddies from Alexandria Virginia, Infinity Life was formed with positive intentions and outside-the-box thinking. With the efforts of Nathan Giordano and Mac Merbeth, Infinity Life became a reality in January 2013. Since then it has evolved around a central mission: to inspire others to take control of their reality and make it beautiful. Infinity Life is about challenging the status quo, following dreams and changing this world for the better. They say that they have big plans on the way and don’t want you to miss out.

Tigers were declared endangered in 1996, since then, their numbers have reached an all time low. 10% of all proceeds from these Tiger Tanks will be donated to in an effort to save one of our world’s most beautiful wild cats.

The king of the jungle is here on this tee with a somewhat different set of style and description. You can almost spot out the elements which make this design superbly influential. Feel the strength and power of the lion king with this tee on and get ready to rule your world.

The infinity tee is the signature tee containing the brand’s logo in a fashionable way. A simple tee with this colorful and bright graphic becomes a good wear for those casual as well sophisticated outings. Wear it the way you want and shout out that your limits are extended for infinity; that’s how life is meant to be.

Live your dreams or die trying is the theme of this brand and this Virginian department of motor vehicle logo is enough to spread the word. Stay tuned, Infinity Life will be adding more and more tees soon.

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