INGMAR Collection 2013 for the REBELS

Ingmar is the bran named after the famous inspirational Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar Bergman is known for his creativity, artistic power and love of music. This brand is launched in Frankfurt in 2011. These t-shirts exhibit the passion for art, design, music and life. The t-shirts for the special YOU! The t-shirt designs are inspired by and devoted to the REBELS!



This t-shirt is an emulate to the great American artist. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisements. This T-shirt itself is very artistic, different and gives the tough look. This is designed by Mother Eleganza.





Mickey t-shirt designed by Mother Eliganza is yet another different art. You can see a smiling mickey with a stretched nose. Simple, yet unique. I bet all love Mickey Mouse and definitely this Mickey with a long NOSE!!!

Your Love is KING:


This is another design by Mother Eleganza. Everybody loves power. And this design beautifully shows the consequences of love for POWER. A lady blinded with the crown is the best image to show how most of the kings in this world, lost their judgment in their love for power.

I Am Who I Am:


A very impressive saying on the t-shirt. One of my favorites. I am what I am, don’t expect me to change. Love me for what I am. Yeah, pretty rude, I agree, but worth a try!



See the dark, beaky RAVEN with its wings out-stretched? Interesting art by Annie. This t-shirt clearly implies, the dark, tough, brave, unique, outstanding YOU!

Love Rave:


Love Rave? I know rave dance, rave party are the most happening parties these days. Going to attend a rave party, rave, rave dance and party hard? Make it complete with this t-shirt.

Jax Mummy:


A great t-shirt by Daniel Roth. This is right for the “WHO CARES?” attitude. Bold and unchanged attitude even after dead. A smoking mummy is a real hot design.

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