It's the bomb

They’re starting to become a bit of a dime a dozen – websites which combine an ongoing t-shirt design competition with an online t-shirt store. Nevertheless, this one is here to make a big bang!


Split the Atom is probably best described as a UK version of Threadless. If you don’t know (or care) what Threadless is, this little spin from the Split dudes will explain the concept properly…


Split the Atom is an exclusive, limited edition t-shirt company that is powered by your red-hot creativity. Designers submit their ideas online, which are then rated by you. (Yep, you get to decide which tees we print! Cool, huh?) The winning designs are put on sale, giving you the chance to own an exclusive piece of clothing that is sure to make you the envy of everyone who sets eyes on you.

And the incentive for t-shirt designers? Design a winning tee for Split the Atom’s neverending design comp and £250 is all yours. If you convert that to Aussie $$$s, that’s, like, a kazillion bucks or something.

The website itself is great, a refreshingly clean and crisp design. More importantly, so are the all the current t-shirt designs available. Here’s a couple of tees that they’ve put up for sale so far…

Assassin in slippers

Noodle surprise

Go check out Split the Atom…it’s the bomb!

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