Jeepney Clothing’s Winter Sale

Established in 2003, Jeepney is an artistic collective that combines cultural and lifestyle elements into its graphic designs. The Jeepney is a mobile assemblage of signs and decorative motifs found along the streets of Metro Manila. After World War II, surplus American G.I. Jeeps were converted into public utility vehicles and decorated with lavish art and color with each owner’s individual, distinct look. Today, Jeepney clothing has carried this same concept of expression into the apparel world. This brand represents a unique style that is universal in appeal and crosses over into a diverse mix of genres in the global street culture market.

Jeepney’s Holiday Sale has officially begun! Now through the holidays all tees are only $15 each. No Promo Code Needed.

These guys at Jeepney Clothing cite their motherland as the major influence in all that they do. So when they heard that the Philippines, particularly those in the Visyayan Islands, were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yoland), they felt that they had the duty to give back to the people and place – that are central to the brand – during this time. JEEPNEY STRONG is a concept that shows that the strength and resiliency of our people will overcome misfortune and destruction. Although the disaster happened over a month ago and the media has slowly stopped talking about it, relief efforts will still be much needed for the Philippines for months to come! Pre-order: This item is available exclusively for pre-order. Orders received by 1/1/2014 will ship out by Wed 1/15 in time for the holidays.

One To Rock mens tee featuring the worlds largest shoe collector Imelda.

Every girl’s best friend…

Eatin up the competition in the food game.

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