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Nathan W Pyle is a designer and illustrator who lives and works in Lower Manhattan, New York City. He has a knack for making very simple but very clever and funny designs. You don’t have to think about them either; you just look at them and understand. By day he works as a creative in TV production and in the evenings takes the New York public transport home while giving his best design ideas to the people sitting next to him. (He has ideas to spare.) He is also a sports fanatic and I really don’t know how he found the time to give this interview but he did and we appreciate it.


Silence in the library is a creative t-shirt by this creative designer who likes keeping it simple and understandable. It simply features a library with different characters doing different activities that might otherwise involve noise but since it is a library, silence dominates.


This funny tee needs no explanation as you can see and understand what it means. A bicycle rider who probably feel off his cycle while laughing over his personal joke! And he is going to fall on an uneven surface with peaks! Ouch! Funny and simple, this tee can be a looker for anytime.


Here’s a bounty hunter demanding payment with a gun pointed at his head. He’s got three options – surrender, negotiate or just shoot. The other person also has a hidden gun on his side. The game might change at any moment. The hunter either shoots the person or gets hunted himself. Simple again this tee is awesome.


This is the best selling tee at Woot but alas it is no more available. Poison is clever, simple yet amazing tee by this kinky designer. Check out all his tees at threadless, woot any many more shops.

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