New Year Bash Tees

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Here are some brilliant t-shirts in which you can welcome 2013 whichever way you like. has featured a special New Year collection full of exciting and stunning t-shirts; some are sensible, others funny and yet another category of tees which you can say are amazing beyond explanation – distinct. Stand out of the cloud in these zazzling trendy tees designed for perfectionists who have to be in clothes that justify the occasion! Look at some we think you can’t say no to.


Look at this smart little toddler all set to rock and roll on New Year’s Eve bash at Panhead. Cute enough it is no nonsense tee that won’t let you down anyways. Funny toddler can say enough with this tee even when his mouth is shut with that stuff inside. Get ready to welcome 2013 with this cutie pie tee that is smarter than his age. It’s a limited edition t-shirt designed especially for Panhead’s New Year 2013 show at JD’s Town Tavern in Erin, NY.


2013 is the year of the black Snake; begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius, the gentle of the zodiac. This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs. It symbolizes enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and a good omen according to the Chinese people. Get your luck with you as you get into this marvelous tee.


Mayans said that the world is sure to end on 21st Dec’2012. Thank God for it did not happen and if you are reading this then fortunately you too survived. Simple as the slogan of this tee is, 2012 was expecting something or the sort. This tee is just awesome as you say goodbye to 2012.


Aww! This cat looked too cute to be ignored to I decided to feature this too. That expression which the designer got for the tee is simply superb. Look at the winky eye and the kinky chuckle it is giving as if mocking that finally it is 2013 and Mayans did a good job in scaring the hell out of most of the people. Yeah I got it right, didn’t I Kitty?

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