Reflection Tees from Urban Outfitters

Spotted these amazingly cool reflection tees at Urban Outfitters! You just deny falling for their unique graphical designs. Whoever came up with this concept must have been a crazy designing genius. This is men’s collection of cool graphic tee. We promise something unique is coming up next for all you beautiful ladies as well. For now you can take a look at what they have in store for guys.


FUN Artists Girl Reflection Tee for $24.00! They have doubled the fun in this tee from FUN Artists. Super rad cotton tee topped with a gnarly mirrored girl graphic and complete with a banded crew-neck. The graphic is clearly unique and amazing with the reflection concept being very noticeably observable. The shades of yellow and pink are working wonders against black.


Deter Tiger Reflection Tee for $32.00! Want the eye of the tiger? Why not have four! A super soft blended cotton tee, with an allover tiger reflection print on the front and finished with a banded crewneck, this tee defines reflection just the way it is. Tiger print tees, I have come across many but this one is truly exclusive.


ZEBRA Reflection Tee for $24.00! Are zebras black with white stripes? Or white with black stripes? Stare into the shirt and figure it out! And if you are done with that, you might actually want to figure out the number of zebras in the graphic. This tee is made from 100% cotton and finished with a banded crewneck.


Feathers Reflection Tee for $32.00. Coolest tee in the flock! Feathers reflection is astounding for your next beach holiday or chilling out in the sun with pals. Soft knit cotton topped with an all over colorful feather print. Complete with a banded crewneck.

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