ReThink Reality – Fresh Clothing Range with a Fresh Thought

ReThink Reality Clothing is a local clothing company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota set on bringing you the slickest designs, most original ideas and best service. ReThink Reality Clothing is all about pursuing dreams. ReThink Reality Clothing is about breaking into the youth fashion industry and challenging customers to find out what their real passion is; their Reality. They look forward to encourage young adults to do what it is in their lives that assist them in chasing their dream. ReThink Reality offers a brand new style of clothing not only geared at extreme sports such as paintball, snowboarding, and skateboarding, but at lifestyles that allow you to live your reality. Take a look at their amazing tees!

The “Wake Up” Tee was thought up after deciding how they really wanted ReThink Reality Clothing to impact the customers. Their main goal is to encourage you to “Wake Up” and start living the life you actually wanted. The blue tee with the slogan is completely inspiring with bright and positive vibes for you.

The “4-Point” Tee was originally intended as a basic two color design. The thought behind the tee was that by splitting the image into square (4-Point) blocks they could associate reading between the lines, in not only this design, but in your everyday life. Yes, it works and if you have not yet try, get the tee and be inspired to move ahead with what you always wanted.

The Splattered V-Neck represents democracy in action. A set of designs was voted on through their Facebook page. This design was picked by their followers, they had it printed, and now it’s available to buy!

This design was created as a more detailed and stylish take on ReThink Reality’s image. Originally started as a gambling themed shirt it has now become one of their best sellers.
All ReThink Reality Tee’s are printed on 100% cotton shirts and come to your door without pre-shrinking or washing. Be sure to keep this in mind when ordering your size.

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