Revolt Clothing’s Winter Collection 2013

Founded in 2010, with a background in graffiti art and graphic design, reflecting the sort of rebellion and fight for space for creative expression Revolt Clothing aims to promote urban street culture, graffiti and street art but also all other street sub-cultures through creative design solutions. This street brand has being produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina proving that creative energy in combination with enthusiasm and professionalism could result with quality ready to be presented abroad. All productions are limited, designed and printed by hand in Sarajevo and together with distinctive design, quality and creativity of young people. From its very beginning “Revolt Clothing” has collaborated with different creative people, skaters, graffiti artists, tattoo & comic artists, various musicians and other infamous street cats who unselfishly support the idea to create something positive out of nothing (i.e. DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, FRENKIE, NEMO1, M.O.P., AZAD, DJ AHMAAD, DJ PHAT PHILLIE, DJ AUDIO INFUNKTION).

Revolt Clothing is a street brand that emerged in one of the most spirited cities of the 20th century that experienced not only three wars, including longest siege in modern history since 1992 until 1996, but also Winter Olympic Games in 1984. All of these events left their marks on culture and tradition of the city and its culture, developing specific spirit recognized by both, its citizens and visitors. And you can see the effect on this brand’s products, especially the t-shirts.

Like every winter they bring you some new things occurred in their little workshop. They have all the wonderful stuffs to keep you warm this winter. You are especially going to love the hoodies in their winter collections. They are not just comfortable but stylish too in a very special way. Check them out!

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