Road Kill Shirts have funny killer tees

Roadkilltshirts have shirts that claim to bring a smile on your face when you put them on. They find humor in just about anything! They are offensive agreed but you are going to laugh with them and you cannot deny you wanted one or the other of their tees since forever. A smile never killed anyone o wear one of their shirts and spread some joy! It’s been said that a good sense of humor will get you anywhere. And they have all the amusing, outrageous, offensive t-shirts to wear on the journey.

Nobody does rude like them. Be it balls or beavers, smart asses or dumb shits, they have all the shirts you’ll ever need to land you in bed with that hot babe you’ve always wanted; Or behind bars with a rap sheet. Why can’t clothes be functional and funny? Since you have to wear them anyway, you might as well make someone laugh doing it. These guys have hundreds of comical, amusing t-shirts to choose from. Take a look at few of them below:

Could this be the greatest Zombie T Shirt ever? I’m Fine….it is just a flesh wound. The average guy would be dead…no worries, I’m Fine. Next time I won’t let them get so close. Seriously, I’m Fine!

This funny tee features a little chicken beside an omlette fearing that the York is her friend or boyfriend Larry perhaps. Whoever it is, one thing is for sure, and it is on the plate and would be in stomach soon. Time to bid goodbye to Larry!

And rights apparently; teachers really have it tough nowadays. In high school kids would try to make a teacher cry for shits and giggles, now they can have guns, shoot you, and get away with it, unless they commit suicide, which to them is getting away with it. Stupid kids!

Time has changed and now zombies got a fear too. Image zombies running away with humans behind them, necrophiliacs!

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