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Rob Roy – Comedian-Filmmaker Turned T-shirt Designer

Rob Roy – Comedian-Filmmaker Turned T-shirt Designer

Rob Roy is a 34 years old a comedian-filmmaker who took a bit long to realize where goes his most fervent passion. This creative dude started experimenting with his lazy yet crazy ideas at an early age of 12 and soon went ahead for standup comedy where he diverted his path to acting. Writing and directing his own weird imaginations interested him further and he landed up studying filmmaking. He wasted a whole lot of his shorts with do real hit but finally he discovered his perfect platform. These days he creates his own web series and recently some t-shirts too at his store.




Bilingual logo for an ambiguous product is his first t-shirt on the store. Very simply, the tee is features some bilingual logo about which he is uncertain and so was he for those people from whom this tee is inspired – an advertising guy, a girl who wanted to marry a football star and a guy who needed some help.




The good old days of traditional radios and telephones are gone and replaced by compact music players and trendy phones but you just cannot help reminiscence these classic boombox that occupied a little more space and so you threw them off but can’t erase off memories. This tee is dedicated to those memories.




Inspired from the old story where a man tries learning English to impress an American woman and ended up creating blunders and rags. An interesting graphic with a notable message is what makes this tee worth buying.

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