Snaptee Customising and Ordering T-shirts App Made Official

With thousands of apps available in the market be it on Android or Apple’s iOS with nearly 300,000 apps, nothing would be better if you can design and order your own clothing through your smartphone. Smartphone cannot be smarter!

Snaptee, the custom T-shirt iOS app has made this possible. It is the latest app for your smartphone, launched earlier this year, through which you can custom design your t-shirt and order it online. It has been launched with newer editing features with a fresh look and more options, including a women’s tee and upgraded shipping. Snaptee’s first Android app will also be available by the end of this month.

The app was created to make designing and ordering custom T-shirts easy. Snaptee’s updated interface features Instagram integration, a wide choice of fonts and colors, custom filters and design templates to create your own design and graphics. Finished designs can be printed onto 100% organic cotton T-shirts for $19.99 each and shipped anywhere in the world. Regular shipping is $5 worldwide, while the new upgraded shipping option is $26.

You cannot just customise your t-shirt but also take it as a profession by designing for others. You can also sell your designs for a 10% commission per order.

The new look of the app is minimalist, clean and cluster-free that makes both exploring the designs and designing itself more enjoyable and aesthetically appealing. The icons and buttons are larger and simplified making the process easier.

Moreover, you do not need to be born talented. All you need to do is unlock the already existing designs through remix button and take

ideas to create your own. Albums by seven ‘Instagram’ photographers from around the world are currently available as starting points for designs by other users.

Thus, Snaptee helps you turn your snap masterpiece into unique tee and deliver it to your door. Simply snap a masterpiece in-app or choose an existing design from your photo library, upload and preview your custom tee in seconds. You can order it in-app directly or just save and share your creation with your friends on facebook.

The motive is to see Snaptee as a community instead of just an editing tool. You can showcase your creative side and use the t-shirt as a blank canvas to show your creativity.

Snaptee has built up a base of over 130,000 users in 45 countries, including its key markets of the U.S., Japan and Germany. The app has been used to create more than 160,000 unique T-shirt designs.

Snaptee is now focused on finding partnership opportunities with other companies and brands and is planning to target Australia, the UK, South Korea and Southeast Asia as their next core markets.
So what are you waiting for? Download this app, go get your favourite designer tee and wow your friends.


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