Social Network Freak? This is yours!

Social Networking Sites are hot these days. Everybody has an account in one or the other SNS. It’s a part of our social life. You actually don’t have to be physically after someone to know what’s happening in their lives. Facebook and Twitter let you what’s happening right now in your best buddy’s life or what’s the latest wardrobe your favorite actor has.


Let me tell you, these T-shirts are for you. You can show the world how addicted you are to Social Media. Wear this and there you go, everyone can make out that you are an active social networker. Instead of fighting the fact that SNS is playing a key role in life, let’s put it on the t-shirt and digest it.


This T-shirt asks to give a break. Cut out your useless status, your whereabouts and your availability status. Take a moment to read my t-shirt and yes, we are already interacting without the involvement of any social networking site. This T-shirt straightly says – Let’s notice each other and communicate.


Wow! How true? We all have started living fake lives through these Social Networks. You don’t know the person at the other end of the web. All you can see are fake faces, fake relationships, fake locations, fake statuses. Show that you are living a real life, apart from this fake life, by wearing this T-shirt!


LOL! We get to see many people out there who tweet so much but ultimately, nobody is reading them. Random likes, random retweets! No time to read and understand your tweets. This one is going to talk LOUD on what is actually happening in the social media world.


If your Social media knowledge extends slightly only beyond pre-timeline Facebook, it is very possible you don’t know why people make up compound words after number signs. This shirt will provide you with color coded reference guide!!!


Here goes the Dislike T-shirt from Busted Tees…! Thumbs up. I Like this one!


Here comes a great T-shirt for a tweeting twitter lover. Hey, I want to retweet this T-shirt! Unisex round neck basic t-shirt from B&C. Very comfortable to wear due to the generous cut and excellent workmanship.


Threadless has launched great set of Twitter Tees. This is one of those T-shirts which says it all. Go to the website of Threadless and grab one.


Poking has become a fashion since Facebook. Wear this T-shirt and get POKED! I like this funky T-shirt! What say?


140 characters are nary enough to describe what you want to say. Nice tweets is printed on light blue American Apparel T-shirt.


Never knew a simple Venn Diagram can explain so well. I’m sure you now know that these Socail Networking Sites are all about!
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