T-shirt fight is on……!


I came across this awesome site by Joe Brawl and his brother, Tim. They have brought out of this amazing competition called the T-shirt fight. The plan is that they shall be selling two tees every week and those two tees shall be the two participants for the week’s competition. At the end of the week the t-shirt that has sold the most in quantity shall be the winner and get rolled on to the next week’s competition with a brand new T-shirt or competitor. So the winning T-shirt every week gets to carry on and so on and so forth while the losing one is never to be seen again.

So basically each Monday EST, a new competitor faces off in opposition to the preceding week’s customer most wanted tee. The designs of the tees are actually strong enough for the fight so war could be really tense. Artists who print at T-shirt Fight earn $1 per shirt sold, receive a free tee, and retain full rights to their artwork. If you are a designer who gets turned on when challenged, T-shirt Fight will be a fun place for you to produce the best design to be printed the most. It is an appealing and hype idea and new enough to create a trend in the online T-shirt printing industry.

This week’s challengers as you can see above in the picture are Banana Trap by Darkhocoocoolat and Throne of James by Nick Heazell. Both the T-shirts have an identity of its own and claim to win the contest of the week and get rolled over to face off with the new fighter. Join the fight either to evidence or to buy and make your favorite win or you can try your own designs and claim a fortune you always expected.

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