T-shirts from Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a part of Hot Topic, Inc., based in Los Angeles, Calif. Within a year of their opening, they offered about 50 different band titles, along with rock-inspired clothing lines like Lip Service and Serious. As they continued to expand, they discovered that customers were also drawn to the underground cartoon, cult movie, and comic book scenes, so they brought the world of South Park, Care Bears, Superman, SpongeBob and tons of other pop icons right to them! Explore the dark side of everything you thought was cute or sweet actually. Take a look!



You may just be someone’s blood type in this white T-shirt featuring crimson spillage down the front. This tee can be just perfect for Halloween and on any other day as well just to show off the evil side of you. Evil is attractive sometimes like with this tee you can be one such bad boy who has a whole bunch of women wooing after him.



This fitted black tunic top features a full front screen of a skeleton print with a “Kreepsville 666” logo screened on back. Girls this can be your perfectly attractive Halloween tee paired with anything you wish. The bad girl has also been enticing in her sexy avatars. Dare to try the look this season? This tee will help you better.



I’ve got two taco cats and four nachos – pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight! The cats are rather cute creatures but here they are looking rather evil with their hungry mouths open and ready to pounce on anyone that comes along. Another one for Halloween.



Looks like this gingerbread man is challenging you to eat him! Do you dare accept the challenge? If you do not want to overdo the scary creepy stuffs in your tee, this can serve you well for the Halloween.

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