T-shirts From METALLICA!!!

Who doesn’t know about Metallica – the famous American heavy metal band from Los Angeles?. The electrifying music from this band takes everyone’s breathe away. Their fast tempos, instrumental and aggressive music boosts up everybody’s mood. They have launched new range of Clothings worldwide. The BAND itself is a BRAND.

The T-shirts from this brand are exciting, too, just like their influential music! Don’t fall for the old school image of Metallica. They have exciting new vintage t-shirt designs, colors, labels and the artwork are magic. Their T-shirts talk their music and sing their albums. There are t-shirts available separately for men, women and kids. The rates range from about $12 to $25. The t-shirts are 100% cotton and very comfortable. Most of the t-shirts are in black with various album covers of Metallica and exciting artwork done on the front and the back. Some t-shirts carry the song titles of Metallica albums on them, while others feature the tour dates of Metallica. One can wear them to a rocking party or on a date or for a work out at gym and hey, everyone’s eyes are on you. Each t-shirt design is different from the other. You can sport a new look and show the world your all new image.


The Kill-em-all T-shirt, for example is an eye catcher. It costs about $25. It is available in the sizes large and extra large. The Kill-em-all album cover is on the front of the t-shirt and an electric chair artwork on the back. The black color goes perfect with denim blue jeans.


Jump in the fire T-shirt is just the right t-shirt for anyone with a go-get attitude. It is very bright and can light a fire to your soul and brighten your image instantly. It is available in XL and XXL sizes.


Flaming skull T-shirt is in pitch black color, with flaming skull artwork on it. This t-shirt is definitely a show-stopper. One cannot take their eyes off. This definitely is going to be an asset to your wardrobe. The finishing is just perfect. Wear it and show the rough YOU!!!


Pirate Shield T-shirt is an extra soft white T-shirt. It has the logo of the Metallica and pirate artwork in the frame of a shield. If you are hard core fan of Metallica, you should own this. It is available in all sizes.


Doris Jersey is a baseball style T-shirt. It has white body and 3/4th sleeves. It brings the memories of “And the justice to all”, a record-breaking album of Metallica. Wow…. it’s play time!! It is perfect for a sportsman.


Girls… this one is for you!! Maroon fit t-shirt with ninja stars art work is a right choice for a girl’s night out. This is going to add colors to your night. You may sport it with a snake scarf and complete the look for a winter party night.


This t-shirt is for your toddler. Don’t you think this is designed exclusively for your rockstar baby? It has a multi-colored Metallica logo on it adding more attraction.

Discount sale is available at metallica.com You may buy them online. Parties never end and you can be the rockstar, walk in style wearing one of them and sport that casual image. Woo the party and be the style icon wearing these electrifying t-shirts.

All these t-shirts are soft and made of 100% cotton, except for few. Since the summer is coming along… one can beat the heat with these t-shirts. A bright t-shirt is all you need to brighten your day on a bright sunny day!

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