Tees Inspired From Quotes And Proverbs

“A short saying [proverb] often contains much wisdom.” – Sophocles. Quotes and proverbs inspirethe designs at RANDOM OBJECTS. They are the common themes that run throughout all their t-shirts and products. They take these various quotes and proverbs and interpret them visually. Sometimes the quote [proverb or saying] itself is the graphic; while at other times, they inspire us to design a graphic based around its’ meaning. Take a look!

Chasing your dream is just like a marathon. It might take a long time of continuous detection to finally achieve that dream. There are many prominent people throughout history that worked for years [or decades] before finally breaking through or accomplishing a major goal. So tie up your shoes because you should be chasing our dream on a daily basis… so get going!

Whatever floats your boat basically means to do whatever makes you happy. For some people it can be reading a good book, cruising the open ocean, doing artwork, going to the beach, singing, or simply doing nothing at all. Whatever your particular thing is – get out there and start doing it!

Don’t make me walk when I want to fly.
Have you ever had a job and wonder “Why am I working here?”
Do you have a feeling like you are meant for greater things far beyond your current situation? It can be scary to change careers and follow your dream; but you know that you’ll be happier if you did. We are all meant to do great things, but some people decide to settle for less for one reason or another. Birds can walk… but that is not what they are meant to do. It is time for you to fly my friend!

“It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life”. – Elizabeth Kenny
Why go through life just following the flock when you can be as daring and bold as a lion. Sure it is easier to be like the majority of people and be told what to think and do, but to think for oneself takes courage. Stop following the herd and be a lion!

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