The funky dude’s collection

It’s fun to believe fantasies and tales of sci-fi and equally fun is to dress up fun in that mind’s eye designs. Especially boys what to look funky once in a while even after school and college is over and formal wears becomes a routine. Come out of the monotony every once in a while or week offs and get into one of these cool funky attitude wears. I recently came across this cool site featuring all the human designs in a more creative way. The best thing which I noticed about these T-shirts which I am sure most of you guys would love too is its bold prints in darker colored fabrics.


An Agent from Hell, as the name of the T-shirt suggests has sent to bring in destruction on the world! This set free printed t-shirt is soft and splendid. The bright red ink of the print against black totally pops up. Don’t get this in dude’s way; a fresh bend on the Grim Reaper, this tee is bound to be popular. Don’t miss out!


Pokemon meets Star Wars is the theme of this famous Design which was first printed here and loved by many; it was featured in many shows and magazines Like Nerlocker, Pokemon World Magazine, G4 and much more! See the globe from a fresh viewpoint with this awesome T-shirt that looks too striking to be ignored.



Limited Editions are all pretty sweet but this Lion tee is tough to beat. The neon blood pouring from thegrey lion’s mouth against the black of the T-shirt is something to lure over! Eating a unicorn for breakfast is no easy thing to gulp down. Feel gigantic with this fresh looking T-shirt needing no more explanation for anyone to just rush for it.



Heartbeat will love the tunes if they are good enough and people will admire your dressing sense if your casual wears are also equally smart. A stylish heart walking around with shades and shoes hearing its favorite track is what you can see in this T-shirt’s print of red. Whistle and dazzle along with your vibrant heart.

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