Thomas Fuchs’ Mysterious Heart Tees For This Valentine’s Day

Thomas Fuchs is a New York based Freelance Illustrator, Designer and Artist. When he’s not busy painting portraits or illustrating stories for publications such as Rolling Stone and The New York Times, artist Thomas Fuchs is dreaming up hearts with a twist, a little incredible imagination we like to call the Love & Hate. Fuchs posts a new and original heart image five days a week on his blog, His heart design tees have been compiled in Neatoshop. So here are stuffs you can get for this Valentine’s Day, something that is neither too loud to shout that you are a roadside Romeo nor too simple. Take a look at some of them:



Look at these heart faced aliens chasing love in outer space. Love birds do play the chase game and never get tired of it. The alien also is chasing his girl this valentine to confess how he feels for her. Cute isn’t it? This tee is something different from what you would find usually for Valentine’s Day. Grab it and put it on to show your girl that you are so head over heels after her.



Caged heart is also an exclusive tee for those of you who believe in keeping it to yourself what you feel for someone. The rib has become the cage of the heart and it is preventing you from exposing your feelings out loud. Show her with this tee that you have something for her but you cannot express or maybe you are afraid she might not accept. A cute way of speaking without words!



Love machine is simply awesome and creative. Only a dedicated designer could come up with something so exclusive with a heart. Heart and machines, yeah they don’t fit well but technically they do. Heart also has various sections of bearings like any machine. It is also controlled with its four different sections or ventricles to be more accurate. Thanks to my biology teacher at high school I do remember this much!



This is simply innovative of describing moon with a heart inside which dwells two love wolves. Wolves are always associated with full moon, however here the full moon is cutely depicted by a full big heart that can contain feelings for all, human and animals.

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