Twin Serpent Tees By Two Brothers

Twin Serpents is a clothing brand inspired by the legendary myths of Good versus Evil. Throughout history, serpents have been a symbol to many ancient civilizations due to the way they move and their unblinking lidless eyes. To some, serpents symbolized Good while to others, they symbolized Evil.

Two brothers living in the middle of nowhere created Twin Serpents by accident and out of boredom. Any major city was an hour or more away from the small rural town of Los Banos California. Their mission is simple, to bring the most amazing legends, stories and tales from all over the world into the Twin Serpents world. Here you can witness such awesome myths come to life through the eyes and minds of talented artists. Artists from all over the world such as the UK, USA, Poland, Romania, Mexico, Indonesia and others work together for this brand.

When Angels and Demons collide, a colossal fight usually begins and lasts a few days but no one seems to come out victorious. After many attacks against each other, it is time for the big guys to come forward. Michael and his archangels versus the fallen one and his demons will battle and this time, the heavens will turn red. The world will tremble and chaos will be unleashed upon earth. It is believed that each time one of the fallen ones reaches the ground; a catastrophe will be brought upon the human race. War, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and we, humans, will meet true fear.

Disguised as a crown, the Evil Serpent travels the world spreading terror through the hands of the alchemist. They are known as the King Abbadon.

The Iridescent Messenger is the aftermath of a battle endured between Iris and the Serpent.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty! Be seduced by her and buy this shirt already!

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