Vision Concept’s Winter Collection is Out

Vision Concept is an apparel brand created with a vision and a dream. The thought behind Vision Concept is a study of individuality and social interpretation, through graphic and typography designs. They aspire to break away from the usual and give customary images a different meaning. Most people see the skull as the symbol of death, but in Vision, skulls are seen as a figure of truth, the most natural form of the human appearance. Basically, every design was balanced with harmony and faith, in order to reflect the true identity within. Vision Concept values quality, so all their apparel are made in L.A. and customized in Boston.

“Identity! It’s about knowing who you really are and have the courage to face it. Eventually, like it or not, when the moment comes, a decision has to be made. The truth cannot be hidden forever, and time never waits either. And it may sound cliché but maybe the only way to realize the truth is to lose you, free fall and reach the rock bottom. It will hurt to finally figure out what you really want in life, and what you are willing to do for it. But what hurts more, is to realize that you purposely pushed that opportunity away.” With this concept they bring you a cool collection of t-shirts, hoodies and full-sleeved tees, just the way you like it in winter.

The vision stands for attitude and imagination it is a study of personal identities, representation and social interaction the outlet for emotions and personalities, so be yourself the exploration of the real, the karma and faith the balance of harmony and negativity there is no wrong, just perspectives expand your vision, give it wings and set it free the vision.

Below are few of their amazing tees:

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