Wear Tees That Go Viral

Wearviral is Michael Holmes’ tee store packed with amazingly funny tees that go viral for their superb graphics. There are new designs daily. Vote for your favorites to choose what cartoons become t-shirts ($10-$14 on the first day). Plus, every vote is a chance to win the shirt. Funny tees with funny slogans that are neither too offensive nor too reticent, you will find the best mix of clever as well as appealing tees here. A funny graphic along with a puzzling tagline is what you need to show off the smarter side of you. All tees are printed on 100% Combed Ring Spun Cotton Tees. Fabric is knit and Pre-Shrunk to maintain shape. The sole designer of the website is a genius and you can say that as soon as you take a look at his tees.

If you have not had enough of the Star Wars, here is an exclusively funny tee dedicated to the hairy guy, Wookie. This zombie, (I would say mummy from Egypt) was totally unaware of what Wookie’s steak would taste like. He tried his cooking skills on this creature and got a chewy steak. Ewww, that’s gross but funny too!

OH THE HUGE MANATEE! is based off of a comment by Herbert Morrison during the crash of the Hindenburg, which became an idiom ‘used in a satirical way to ridicule, diminish and trivialize emotional displays the speaker deems overly sentimental.’ Much later, after the internet was invented, an image of the crash was digitized and later photoshopped to replace the blimp of doom with an aquatic mammal, the manatee, and provided a humorous caption. Thus, the huge manatee was born, and placed on t-shirts everywhere. It’s even spawned its own game.

I relish the fact that you’ll have to mustard the hipness to ketchup to me. This is a funny tee for any occasion. For all you non-vegetarian hipsters out there, are you ready?

“If it’s not related to elephants, it’s irrelephant”. So the jumbo discovered a personal complicated word for the dictionary. And why not, he’s got some animal rights too!

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