Wear Tees to Work

T shirts are mainly regarded as the casual wear that one would get into only at home or for hangouts with pals but I would call it a myth. Tees have become like jeans – accepted just about everywhere, certifiably modish, amazingly dressed up, and accessible at all prices. But that doesn’t permit you to slip in to one of those heavily tattooed, huge terrors in dorky pastels or a logo tee from your last trip to the Disney’s. You can confidently go for a nice, semi-fitted top in a sophisticated hue, with serious design details like draping, pleats, and gathers. For work, slide a tee under your basic office suit or blazer; for evening, consider one that’s been lengthened into an elegant dress. And if you’re going for official trips, tees can be handy, packable, and brilliantly wrinkle-free. Here’s what I am talking about:


Engineered in a cotton and spandex mix for a seriously smooth fit, this weekday workhorse makes every ensemble absolutely seamless. Teamed up with a formal tunic and you are ready with the sophisticated look that says, “I rule this place.”


These people claim that their Italian cashmere is special for they insist on using the best yarn out there, and each season we develop completely custom colors that you’ll find only at J.Crew. Every piece is carefully designed to become a forever favorite, like this switched-up sweater (it has buttons down the back) in a cool color-blocked design.


This red V neck tee with long sleeves is another one in the cashmere collection. Not only has it got that stylish girly look but also the sophisticated design for a working woman. You just can’t help adding this to your list of favorites.


This simple yet stylish tee is best teamed up with skirts to give you that trendy look along with the sophistication much needed at work.

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