Wicked Tees From An Innovative Graphic Designer

Jonathan Lax, more popularly known as YONIL, is an amazing illustrator and graphic designer from Israel. YONIL takes his artistic illustrations and graphic designs and shapes them to wicked t-shirts, posters, album art and more. YONIL’s biggest inspirations are from street art, music, city life and issues in society. His art combines imagination with pragmatism. Freshly he also opened his online shop, where he sells a range of his trendy artwork on tees. He believes that the essence of every artwork is its basic idea, so he usually devotes a great deal of time for an idea to emerge.


Portrait of an insignificant universe is his awesome designed graphic printed on tee that gained a lot of popularity among folks. The black print on red T-shirt with a portrait of a man’s face and the universe depicted inside is a marvelous art.


I’m only king in my own fuckin’ mind is another of YONIL’s creative art depicted by a man living in his own imagination wherein he considers himself as king. We are what we want to be and the mind controls our thought process. The branches of mind is so well depicted in his graphic.


The negotiation is wicked yet funny graphic depicting two people in conversation for a big decision. The way they are connected in the conversation is visible by the link but at the same time the way their mind thinks is absolutely different. They both have different things going on in their minds.


W.I.I.G.F is a very popular tee by YONIL and the graphic is something you just don’t need interpretation for. It is wicked yet thoughtful, creative and amazing. You too can shop at YONIL’s shop @store.yonil.com.


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